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11 January, 2022
Pantherna Therapeutics secures EUR 4.0 Mio. follow-on financing to advance its therapeutic mRNA development programs  

Hennigsdorf, January 11, 2022 – Pantherna Therapeutics today announces the successful completion of a follow-on financing round totaling EUR 4.0 Mio. led by existing investors Riesner Verwaltungs GmbH and High-Tech Gründerfonds. The proceeds of this round will be used to accelerate preclinical development activities for its lead program PAN004, an mRNA-based therapeutic for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS).   

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15 November, 2021
Astellas and Pantherna Enter into Technology Evaluation Agreement for Research of mRNA-based Regenerative Medicine.

Under this agreement, Pantherna’s state-of-art mRNA platform and Astellas’ high drug discovery capabilities will be utilized to promote research on the field of regenerative medicine.

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28 May, 2021
Pantherna Therapeutics to be granted 2.2 millions EFRE public funding. 

Pantherna Therapeutics GmbH secured a successful grant of 2.2 Million EUR by the EU and the Brandenburg state. The funding is within the framework of EFRE and will support Pantherna’s research and development program ‘Vascular specific carrier Systems’. This ongoing project is scheduled until the end of 2022. 

12 June, 2020
Pantherna Therapeutics GmbH signs an agreement for technology evaluation with Astellas Innovation Management LLC to evaluate Pantherna’s lipid nanoparticle transport system and mRNA molecules. 

Pantherna Therapeutics GmbH (“Pantherna”) announced today that it has signed an agreement for technology evaluation with Astellas Innovation Management LLC (Cambridge, Mass., USA), a subsidiary of Astellas Pharma Inc. Under the agreement the parties will investigate the efficiency and specificity of Pantherna’s lipid nanoparticle transport systems (PTXΔLNPs) to deliver Pantherna’s proprietary mRNA molecules (PTXmRNAs) by different routes of administration. 

02 April, 2020
Successful follow-up financing for Pantherna Therapeutics’ development programs to fight Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
  • The life science startup Pantherna Therapeutics secures capital in the amount of EUR 3.0 million in successful follow-up financing.
  • Pantherna has a proprietary, innovative mRNA technology platform for the development of new types of therapeutics to treat acute respiratory distress syndrome, a lung disease that is caused among others by the Coronavirus.
  • The funds raised will accelerate Pantherna’s R&D activities and broaden them.
  • Renowned European Business Angel Prof. Detlev Riesner together with the European Investment Fonds and a private investor contribute to this round.
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26 March, 2020
Pantherna Therapeutics GmbH and PROVIREX Genome Editing Therapies GmbH are developing lipid-based delivery systems for mRNA-directed genome editing of lymphocytes for the treatment of HIV and other life-threatening persistent viral diseases

Pantherna Therapeutics and PROVIREX have entered into a research collaboration. Based on Pantherna’s proprietary PTXxLNP delivery technology both parties will develop and evaluate novel lipid-based mRNA formulations for the transfection of CD4+ lymphocytes. PTXxLNP is a promising candidate for the non-viral delivery of PROVIREX’s proprietary antiviral genome editing tool Brec1.

20 February, 2020
Pantherna Therapeutics presented at the RNA Therapeutics Conference in London, UK

Dr. Klaus Giese provided an outline of Pantherna’s therapeutic programs how to tackle vascular leakage in the lung caused by viral infection i.e. Corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) and Influenza.

08 November, 2019
Pantherna Therapeutics to present at BIO-Europe 2019

Dr. Klaus Giese (CEO) will present in the Start-Up Slam at the BIO-Europe 2019 conference in Hamburg on Tuesday, Nov 12.

01 November, 2019
Pantherna Therapeutics to present at mRNA Health Conference 2019

Dr. Daniel Tondera and Dr. Jörg Kaufmann (CSO) will attend and present a poster at the 7th International mRNA Health Conference, November 11-12, 2019, in Berlin, Germany

02 October, 2019
Pantherna Therapeutics to present at the Creative Transformative Medicine Europe User Group Meeting

Dr. Oliver Keil (CTO), Dr. Volker Fehring (Head of Formulation) and Dr. Klaus Giese (CEO) will attend the Creative Transformative Medicine Europe User Group Meeting to be held at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, on Wednesday, October 9, 2019. Dr. Klaus Giese will present Pantherna’s delivery technology for mRNA therapeutics.

03 July, 2019
“First-in-Class“ mRNA-therapeutics for vascular diseases: Pantherna Therapeutics receives 7-digit investment

The life science start-up Pantherna Therapeutics secures €3.5 million in a successful seedfinancing round. The start-up presents a proprietary, innovative technology platform for the development of novel mRNA therapeutics to treat Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), a severe lung disease (…)

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17 October, 2018
Pantherna Therapeutics participated as a finalist at BioRiver Boost! 2018 in Wuppertal

The Company was presented by Dr. Klaus Giese, Chief Executive Officer, in a pitch session of selected finalists and Pantherna’s technology & business case was awarded a joint second place.

01 August, 2018
Pantherna Therapeutics filed its first patent application “Recombinant nucleic acid construct”

The patent filing of our ideas with confirming experimental data is a first milestone and signals an inflection point for Pantherna said Dr. Jörg Kaufmann, Chief Scientific Officer. “Now we can openly communicate Pantherna’s R&D strategy to develop novel mRNA constructs for optimized cell-type specific protein expression. Together with our extensive expertise and experience in the field of delivering nucleic acids to the vasculature Pantherna is now in a position to start its focused development campaign to test novel therapeutics modalities against several diseases with unmet medical need.”

23 April, 2018
Pantherna Therapeutics presented at Biovaria in Munich

Dr. Klaus Giese, Pantherna’s CEO, provided an overview of the Company’s R&D strategy.

01 March, 2018
Pantherna Therapeutics contracted with the Institute of Biomaterial Research of the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht

Under this contract the Institute will generate and functionally evaluate mRNA constructs designed by Pantherna.

01 March, 2018
Pantherna Therapeutics attended the BIO.NRW Business Angel ZIRKEL in Duesseldorf

Dr. Gerrit Maaß, Chief Financial Officer, and Dr. Klaus Giese, Chief Executive Officer, were invited to outline the Company’s future strategy to develop mRNA-based therapeutics (PanRNA Therapeutics) for vascular diseases.